Preparing For Your New Puppy

In just a few short days the first of the puppies will be leaving for their new homes and the new owners have lots of questions about welcoming their new family member into the home. I’ll take time to talk with each family as they come to take their new puppy home but this post will help with preparations for that day.

  • The puppies are sleeping through the night, from roughly 11 pm to 7 am.
  • They are confined to a 4′ x 4′ pen with bed, water and litterbox when they are not outside or closely supervised in the house.
  • The puppies are very good about using a litterbox for it’s intended purpose which makes clean up easy…and…makes housebreaking easier for you when they go to their new home! We’ll discuss that process when you pick up your puppy.
  • The puppies began using a dog door at 5 weeks of age. My dog door is raised 7″ off the floor so the industrious little fellow who first discovered this magical route to the outer world had to be quite intent on his goal! The others soon followed his lead and they have no trouble navigating the door or the stairs.
  • The puppies have been wormed and vaccinated and the new owners will be provided with a health record and instructions for further care.
  • The puppies are still eating from a communal pan, each getting roughly 1/4 cup of kibble plus water 3x/day. What I feed will be discussed below.
  • For their safety, puppies are expected to be transported in a crate at all times when traveling in a car.

Their new life will be quite a bit different than the life that they’ve known with their littermates. The first few days will likely be a bit stressful for your new puppy but I’ve been doing everything that I can to prepare them for a smooth transition to their new home. Here are some things that you’ll need to prepare for your new arrival:

  • An ex-pen with an easy to clean floor (I get a piece of vinyl flooring remnant at the hardware store). Freedom in the house is something earned and a puppy needs to be closely watched for it’s own safety when not safely within it’s pen. Baby gates might also be useful.
  • Bed
  • Water and food bowl
  • Shallow pan for litter box and wood pellets for litter. I get mine at Tractor Supply. Do NOT use wood pellets designed for wood stoves which have chemicals not suited for puppies.
  • Toys
  • Collar and leash
  • Crate
  • Food. I feed Orijen or Acana Puppy food (same company). I have also been very happy with Wellness, Natural Instinct, Fromm, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, and Natural Balance. Someone raised a question about a recent controversy regarding “Boutique” dog foods and I wanted to address their concerns:

Here is a link to the report from the FDA:

Here is a response from Champion Pet Foods (maker of Orijen and Acana brands):

I’ve fed Acana brand food for several years and I’ve been very happy with the results. In the past I have fed food produced by Purina (ProPlan) and Eukanuba and I’ve been less satisfied with the results. I could go into this further but won’t in this post. Suffice to say that I am familiar with the reports, I discuss the care and feeding of dogs regularly with other breeders and if I had any concerns about this product, I would not be feeding it to my dogs.

If the new owners prefer to switch to a different brand, I recommend a gradual transition over a two week period. For puppies, look for a brand with protein content in the high 20% – low 30 % range, no corn, and free range/organic chicken is preferable to chicken sourced from a factory.

Puppies will be sent home with a toy from their first home, a starter bag of litter pellets, and several days worth of food.

Do you have more questions? Let me know. I’ll add to this post as needed.

2 thoughts on “Preparing For Your New Puppy

  1. Great advice and post, Carrie. It will be interesting to follow the puppies in future years. They all look wonderful. You did a great job!

    1. Thank you, Nick! I really enjoy staying in touch with so many of the families and hearing about the puppies’ lives over the years. Many have become lifelong friends.

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