My Next Litters

I’ve been so pleased with the results of our 2019 litter. Three of the puppies (Adah, Albus, and Albert) remain at Talbot Hill in co-ownership with the co-breeders, Bill Flora and German Carignano. A fourth puppy (Andrew, now “Graeme”) is in co-ownership with a good friend in Florida and the rest of the puppies have all found good homes.

I’ve been getting inquiries about upcoming litters (or any available puppies) so I wanted to take a moment to describe my future plans…

Next month I’ll be flying to Massachusetts to attend the 2019 National Beagle Club Specialty. I enjoy Nationals as a time to get together with friends, discuss dogs, and search for potential stud dogs for future breeding. It was at the 2013 National Specialty that we first met Walter, the sire of this year’s litter. At other National Specialties I’ve had a chance to meet Walter’s sire, his grandsire, and other family members and get. It’s these observations and long conversations with breeders and owners that have helped to make informed breeding decisions in the future.

I have two girls to potentially breed in early 2020: Hanne and Roux. I have some stud dogs in mind but, as always, I’ll go to Nationals looking for that special dog. Walter and my Walter sons are potential candidates but I’m also intrigued to see what I will find in Massachusetts.

A quick note regarding Roux: many know that it was Alyce’s wish that the final Bayou Oaks litter would be BIS CH Bayou Oaks English Leather x CH Bayou Oaks First You Make A Roux. This is a breeding that Alyce and I discussed not long after her diagnosis and I understand her reasons for the breeding. English Leather crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” long ago, however, so the breeding would be artificially conceived. I like to let a bitch have a natural experience with her first litter so I hope to breed Roux naturally in 2020 and will do the English Leather breeding following a successful breeding in 2020.

So…what does this all mean if you’re looking for a pet puppy?

I won’t have puppies available until Spring 2020…at the earliest. I don’t respond to pet puppy email or accept applications until I have puppies available so please wait until an announcement is made on my web site or in the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group regarding available puppies.

If you’re interested in a show puppy, please let me know. I had no show inquiries for my 2019 litter and ended up keeping four of the seven. I’d be happy to discuss the possibility of placing puppies in good show homes.

I have also had an inquiry about using my Walter sons (Albus and Albert) at stud. They are very nice boys with much to offer. Both have had Embark testing done and both are clear with the exception of FVII (both are affected). Neither carries blue; Albert is dominant tri. Of course, there is so much more to know than the simple results of genetic testing so I encourage breeders to ask questions if they’re curious about how Talbot Hill beagles might fit into their future breeding plans.

When I make decisions about 2020 litters I will post information on the “Puppies” page of my web site, in my blog, and in the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group.

One thought on “My Next Litters

  1. Just wanted to check if we will need to fill out another application if there are new puppies in 2020? We are holding out hoping we can get a puppy from you so just want to make sure we know the process. Thanks and I wish you much luck this year as you investigate studs.

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