Puppies Available

I kept three puppies from my 2019 litter to grow up for a little while but, sadly, I cannot keep all three. I have a 13″ tri-color female and a 15″ tri-color male, both five months old and looking for looking for wonderful homes. They are housebroken, crate-trained and they walk politely on a leash. They are microchipped, they’ve had all of their shots, and I’ve done genetic testing on both puppies. Adah and Albert were my “pick” male and female in this litter and ideally I’d like to find them a great home in western Washington where I might be able to use them each for one litter. Click the link below for more details:


I will also accept applications at this time for a waiting list for my 2020 litter which will be bred early next year. I plan to breed Hanne when she comes in season but have not yet selected the sire from the short list of candidates. More information will be available later this fall.


6 thoughts on “Puppies Available

  1. Hi Carrie. Have you placed Albert and Adah? I was an applicant during the summer for this litter. Thank you. Julie

      1. Albert is my “back-up” plan if I am unable to breed Hanne to Roubaix when she comes in season soon. He will probably factor in to future breeding plans.

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