Roubaix x Hanne 2020

CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, “Hanne” – 2018 CWBC 13″ BOW and Best Puppy

Hanne has been bred to BISS GCH AGCH MACH14 ADCH Matador MG Lone Star MXB4 PDS MJS4 PJS MFC TQX T2B5 TKI TM – “Roubaix”. Roubaix is a group and specialty winner…and an agility phenomenon. The titles listed above are likely to change before I’ve finished typing this post. His dam is my 2006 NBC 13″ BOW/BBE CH Talbot Hill’s Razzle Dazzle and his grandsire won the National Specialty the same year, BISS CH Bayou Oaks Longhorn Trouble.

Matador MG Lone Star, “Roubaix”…agility titles too numerous to list, and now, a group winner!

This breeding should be interesting both for those interested in performance events and in conformation. Hanne and Roubaix share a similar drive, energy, and intelligence and if they pass these qualities along to their puppies, we’ll have some future agility stars in the making. For those interested in conformation, this breeding is very similar to a breeding that I did twelve years ago between Herbie (Hanne’s sire) and Velma (Roubaix’s dam); a linebreeding on BISS CH Daragoj Matter of Time. That breeding produced a very consistent litter of puppies, two of which finished quickly with four 4-point majors over specials. Another puppy from the litter, Talbot Hill Lemon Thyme, went to Mexico where he made a significant contribution to the breeding program at MG Beagles and sired 2015 Mexican National Specialty winner CH MG Carlos Gardel. CH MG Carlos Gardel, in turn, sired the 2016 Mexican National Specialty winner and 2016 NBC 15″ RWB, MG Lisboa. Lisboa, is the dam of our own CH Bayou Oaks First You Make A Roux (sired by Trey).

Returning to the performance potential of the litter, I’d like to add that the second litter by Roubaix’s dam, CH Talbot Hill Razzle Dazzle, “Velma”, was sired by BIS CH Bayou Oaks English Leather, and co-bred with Alyce Gilmore (Bayou Oaks). That litter produced another agility giant: AGCH MACH25 Bayou Oaks Talbot Hill La Baffi MXC6 PDS MJB& PJS MFB2 TQX T2B8, “Daisy”. Daisy retired at the end of 2019 after one of the most accomplished agility careers of all-time. I am currently expecting a second litter in April 2020, sired by BIS CH Bayou Oaks English Leather out of CH Bayou Oaks First You Make A Roux. Link.

Whether you’re looking for a show/breeding prospect, a performance dog, or a great family pet, keep an eye on my web site or the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group for future announcements about the litter. Hanne is due in late April; puppies will be ready for their new homes this summer.

CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, “Hanne”

20 thoughts on “Roubaix x Hanne 2020

  1. Good luck with your pairing. They ought to be pretty dogs! One of these days, we’d love to have another 13 inch female…

      1. Hello! We are looking for a beagle male puppy as a family pet. Is it possible to be considered for a puppy from this Spring 2020 litter?

  2. Hi! Do you expect to have any more puppies with CoCo in the near future? We really like her color and conformation.

    1. CoCo no longer lives with me. She lives with a wonderful couple that has given her a very special “forever home”. I will breed CoCo’s daughter, Hanne, in 2020 and it’s possible that I might breed her sister, Olive, again in 2020 as well.

  3. I purchased one female lemon hair, a tri-color, and a blue Beagle from Julie Wright years ago and saw that she tragically passed away in June 2015. Do you if someone continued breeding her Beagles? I have one 12-year-old Beagle left and am considering getting another one in the future.

  4. I have boy I got from Chardonnay Beagle in 2011. Chuck passed away a couple of years later. I love their conformation and disposition. They are wonderful family members. Do you know did anyone carry on Chuck and Donna’s Chardon line.

    Your beagle’s are beautiful. Congratulations for all your success backed by what is obviously a lot of dedication and hard work. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for contacting me about the Chardon line, Julie. I’ve made inquiries but to our knowledge, no one is continuing the Chardon line. If there is ever anything that I can do to be of assistance, please let me know. Carrie

  5. We are very interested in a 13″ male. I have 2 children handling English Cocker Spaniels in juniors and we would love to be considered for a puppy for my oldest daughter. They are also active participants in 4H, obedience, and agility. I would love to send an email to you or get together to share more details about out family.

  6. Hi my name is Nita Rahn and my Husband’s name is Jeremy.
    I had a beagle growing up and I absolutely love beagles, and want my first dog with my husband to be a beagle!
    My husband and I live in Kelowna BC, We would love a beagle addition to our family.
    We are struggling to find breeders near by, and then your name popped up.
    We would love to to get in touch about your 2020 puppies!

  7. Hello, we are hoping to be considered for a female beagle puppy. Your beagles are all beautiful and we would love to have one for our family pet. We had a beagle 7 years ago and she was the sweetest girl and we really adore this breed.
    Please let us know when we can be in touch for your 2020 beagle puppies.
    Thank you

  8. We are from Toronto. We are interested in a male beagle puppy.
    Please let me know if you have a puppy available or expecting a litter sooner so we can place a deposit. We are ready to wait as we fell in love with your puppies.

  9. Hi, I am looking to add a wonderful beagle pup to our family… how do I go about getting on a waitlist? And when is your next litter available? Are you able to put a deposit down to reserve one? I had beagle growing up and they are the best family dogs 🙂

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