Application Coming Soon

Good Morning…from my COVID19 bunker to yours! With so many of us finding ourselves working from home, socially isolated, looking for new ways to amuse ourselves, I find myself sitting at my laptop on this sunny day in Seattle writing a blog post about upcoming applications…

Unlike many breeders, I don’t keep a waiting list. I’ve tried it in the past but I’ve found that as I’ve gone down the list, thinking that I already had homes for my puppies, I would get responses back:

  • “We already got a puppy from Breeder X”
  • “A life event prevents us from getting a puppy at this time. Could we be on a future list?”
  • “We’ve decided that a beagle might not be the right breed for us. Sorry.”

And so…I’ve ended up asking for applications anyway…

I also don’t keep an application on my site year-round. In spite numerous statements on my site requesting that inquiries wait until an application is posted, I still get multiple inquiries each week (four this weekend!) and I don’t even have any puppies available. I do appreciate the interest in my beagles. Years of dedication have gone into what I do…but I also have a life to live, new breeders to mentor, and existing Talbot Hill owners to stay in touch with. When I am ready for applications, I’ll ask for them…and I’m very grateful for your patience if your hoping for a Talbot Hill puppy.

That brings me to the purpose of this post. A great deal of thought goes into every litter that I breed. Sleepless nights and lots of hard work go into caring for the dogs and the litters and equal care is given to the selection of the homes that I choose for my puppies. So, as we’re all sitting in our social isolation, here are some things that I want you to think about as you wait for the application to be posted. I might have a few puppies looking for homes…and likely many more applicants than puppies. What will your commitment be to your new family member?

  • Why is the beagle the right dog for you? Visit to explore various breeds of dogs. Ordinarily I would advise visiting a dog show or a breeder’s home but we can’t do that right now. It is very important, though, to do your homework. Read this article that I wrote: About Beagles and prepare a list of questions to include on your application.
  • Is Your Fencing Secure? Beagles are active dogs and young beagles, in particular, are quite active and curious. I’ll be asking for information and photos of your yard and fencing to ensure that your home is safe. Read Secure Fencing for thoughts on how to make your yard safe for your new puppy.
  • Where will you attend class with your new puppy? I don’t require AKC registration or participation in AKC events with my puppies but I strongly encourage involvement in puppy kindergarten classes and other similar activities that provide socialization for the puppy and professional guidance for the new owner. Even if you’ve had dogs before, you’ll find that your bond with your puppy and the puppy’s social and emotional development will be much stronger if you make a commitment to meet ALL of their needs. Beagles are naturally active, intelligent, curious dogs that need a job to do. The AKC offers many different ways to be involved with your dog: AKC Events. Here are some photos of puppies from recent litters, attending class…

For the highly motivated, you might want to try agility. Check out this video of Roubaix, sire of Hanne’s 2020 litter. Roubaix was the #1 Agility Beagle in the US in 2019. Video

The decision to get a puppy should not be made on impulse. It should not be a gift intended for one member of the family. Your new puppy is a 15-year commitment – a commitment that you will make to meet the physical and emotional needs of your family’s new companion. In exchange, your new puppy will be committed to giving you 15 years of unconditional love…with a few breaks for unexpected naughtiness. But…that’s why you go to class. If the puppy does something wrong, it’s not the puppy’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault for not anticipating the mistake. A professional trainer (and your breeder) will be there to help you anticipate mistakes and modify behaviors.

As a breeder, I’ve made a commitment to breeding happy, healthy, beautiful dogs that will serve their owners well. I’m committed to each puppy that I breed for the rest of it’s life and to supporting their owners after the puppies go to their new homes. The arrival of my 2020 litters is still a month away. I don’t know how many there will be; I don’t know the color or the sex of the puppies; I don’t know how many or which ones the breeders will choose to keep. I will keep you updated here on this blog, and in the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group as I have more news to share. When I’m ready for applications, I’ll announce it here. For now….prepare to impress me on your application. šŸ™‚

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