I’ll Be In Touch

Before going on, Hanne’s puppies want to wish their dad, Roubaix, a very happy 7th Birthday today!!!

I spent this morning reviewing the puppy applications one more time and with great difficulty narrowed the list of applicants to ten. I’m so grateful to everyone for their interest in Talbot Hill Beagles and for the time and thought that you devoted to filling out your applications. My decision was not easy!

Several of the people who made the final waiting list are existing Talbot Hill families and some are referrals from other breeders. Others were selected based on their ability to work/stay at home, ability to provide a fenced yard, intent to attend training classes at a professional training center (when COVID19 permits), and overall generosity in providing information in their application.

I have a rather simple “contract” that I use when I place puppies in their new homes. For me, the most important line in the contract is printed in bold at the bottom:

The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller if for any reason they are no longer able to keep the beagle.  The Seller agrees to take the beagle back or assist in finding it a new home.

I’m responsible for each puppy that I breed for the rest of its life and I want to ensure that it’s placed in a proper home. I’ve only had to take back a beagle a couple of times when the family’s life circumstances changed but I was quickly able to find the beagle a good home. I hope that when I choose a family, it will be the beagle’s “forever home” so I’m very diligent in selecting the best possible home from the start.

I’ve begun the process of contacting applicants and will continue the process on Saturday. I have to “go to work” this afternoon so I apologize for not being able to write to everyone today. Each applicant can expect to hear from me by the end of the day on Saturday.


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