Sunday, May 17?

“Jenny” – BIS CH Bayou Oaks English Leather x CH Bayou Oaks First You Make A Roux

I just participated in an online worship service at St Mark’s Cathedral and the date in the corner of my laptop is May 17, so I’m fairly certain that it’s Sunday but between the quarantine and more than a month now of sleepless nights, the days tend to blur together. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours at one time since before the litters arrived so when people ask how I can part with the puppies the answer is always “between the poo and the lack of sleep, it’s not too hard to let them go”. We enjoy every minute but it’s a lot of work to prepare the puppies for the rest of their lives.

In the photo above, Jenny helpfully demonstrates her familiarity with the litter box. The puppies are becoming more and more reliable in their use of the litter box which makes our job so much easier in keeping the rest of the pen clean and it’ll make the transition to their new homes easier, too.

Some have asked in their applications and in email how we socialize the puppies. During the quarantine, we’re not able to have people over as we normally would but perhaps when they’re a bit older we can “socially distance” in the yard while spending time with the puppies. We live in cute little 800 sq ft bungalow just south of Seattle and our yard is rather small but we have a lovely park right across the street that the older dogs enjoy. When I have a litter of puppies they’re raised in the sunny, southeast corner of our living room where they experience the normal sounds of family life. We help them transition through the various stages of their development and introduce them to new experiences on a regular basis.

The puppies get their first toilet paper tube this morning

New experiences don’t have to be expensive. One thing that puppies find endlessly fascinating is a toilet paper (or paper towel) tube. If you’ve been hoarding toilet paper during the quarantine and you’re hoping to get a puppy…save those tubes!

Sally pulls on the new braided toy tied to the wall of the pen

Another inexpensive toy that the puppies got today was a braid that I made from strips of their puppy blankets. I’ll typically make one for each puppy, made from their baby blankets, to go home with in their packets. An instruction video can be found on YouTube.

Do You Have Puppies Available?

I also want to take a moment to address questions about the waiting list and the placement of the puppies. I get daily questions about the availability of puppies, about how to be added to the waiting list, have I made decisions about who will get the puppies, etc. So here are some answers…

  • I do not have puppies available and I have not made any decisions about any of the nine puppies in my current litters.
  • I am not accepting applications at this time. I currently have 28 pet homes on my waiting list and several show homes in addition to the three breeders associated with the litters. Established breeders/exhibitors may contact me by PM but I have plenty waiting currently to take me through my 2021 litters.
  • I’ve made some preliminary observations regarding the puppies but they continue to evolve from week to week. Measurements will be taken at 6.5 weeks that help to predict adult height. At around 7 weeks of age I may be able to start making some decisions about placement.
  • I appreciate all of the messages from those on the waiting list. I know that the wait isn’t easy and I wish that I had more puppies for all of the wonderful homes that are waiting. I know that some families will be disappointed and that disappoints me, too. A couple of families have notified me of a change in their circumstances and during these uncertain times, I appreciate everyone’s thoughtful consideration of not only what is best for your family but for the puppy as well. I’m giving thought to a litter later this year and perhaps one in early 2021 so if there is not a puppy for you this time, perhaps your new puppy awaits in the future.

Jenny is no fan of confinement. She loves it when we let her out of the pen to explore the living room. Many of us look forward to the day when we can venture out beyond the same four walls. For now, I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. Thank you for your continued interest and support! ❤

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