Roux’s Puppies – 6 Weeks

Roux’s puppies received their first vaccinations today and then submitted to a quick 10 minute photo shoot with Amanda during her lunch break – Thanks, Amanda!! ❤ The photos aren’t perfect but hopefully you get the idea….  Registered names have been chosen for the puppies and homes have been chosen.  6 1/2 week measurements will be done on Saturday to help determine adult size and assuming that they continue to mature as we hope, some of the puppies will be ready to move on to their new lives a month from now.

Bayou Oaks Box Of Chocolates, “Forrest” – to be co-owned with Johgra Kennels (Australia)

Bayou Oaks Ganache, “Lt Dan” – Staying at Talbot Hill

Bayou Oaks Truffle, “Sally” (soon to be “Luci”) – to be co-owned with Matador Beagles (Texas)

Bayou Oaks Tiramisu, “Jenny” – to be co-owned with Ellen Parr and Lori Bulmer

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