June 2020 Update

It’s been three weeks since my last blog post and much has happened in that time. My daughter and I continue to work at home but our work schedules keep us very busy and a dramatic change to my own schedule at the beginning of the month has caused us to adjust our lifestyle and learn to adapt. Managing three adult beagles and nine puppies while also trying to maintain a professional work atmosphere in our tiny home has been a bit of a challenge but, for the most part, things are going well and we’re grateful that we’re all healthy and happy.

Three puppies have moved on to their new homes this month. The first to leave was Jenny who lives with my friend, Ellen Parr, in Idaho and is co-owned with Lori Bulmer in Canada. Ellen and I have known each other for many years. Ellen and Lori are not only involved in conformation shows but also in performance events and Jenny has already begun scentwork training. She’s adjusted quickly to her new home which she shares with another beagle and a wire-haired dachshund. She has a rich and wonderful life ahead of her and I love getting the regular updates from Ellen and her husband, Doug, who share Jenny’s adventures.

Jenny will one day grow into her new bed.

Midge was the next to leave home. This was a difficult decision for me because there are many things that I like about this bitch: her beautiful square muzzle, lovely length of neck, her rear angulation, and her fantastic temperament. But, as I mentioned above, I live in a very small house and I can’t keep them all. I had to make a decision between Gilda and Midge and when I had an opportunity to let Midge go to a very experienced agility couple who will also show her in conformation, I let Midge have that opportunity. Midge has also adjusted quickly to her new home where her new best friend is a golden retriever and her new beagle friend will one day accept having competition for affection.

Midge, future agility star, gets introduced to the tunnel

Forrest was the most recent puppy to move on to a new life but it wasn’t the life that was originally intended for him. You may recall that he was supposed to go to a breeder in Australia but, while Forrest has many nice qualities, I didn’t feel that he was the right puppy to send to Australia. Sending a puppy “down under” involves a great investment of time and money and if I’m going to export a puppy, I want that puppy to be exceptional. That meant that on Father’s Day weekend, I got out my short list of applicants and reviewed each application very carefully. I shortened that list to three families that I thought would be the most appropriate homes for Forrest and sat for several hours with that decision. It wasn’t easy because I have many wonderful homes waiting and I want, so much, to have a puppy for each of you. But, I think very carefully about each puppy and each application to ensure that I’m making a match that will last…

Forrest did not spend his first night alone…
Fully committed to play time…or nap time

From the time of their application, Forrest’s new family has been actively engaged in following the process of raising the puppies. The children have read books and created presentations about beagles and about how puppies are raised. They’ve expressed interest in 4H making their new puppy an active part of their lives.

Before Forrest had even opened his eyes, he had always had a very special personality and we miss him dearly…but…we love getting the photos and updates from his new family. He’s raising the next generation of beagle fanciers and he’s already doing a fantastic job!!

Forrest has always had his own way of doing things.

That leaves me with six puppies still at home…

Two of the puppies will be going to their new home in Texas on Friday:

In lieu of a stud fee, Roubaix’s owner is getting a puppy back (Martin) and in gratitude for her efforts in getting Roux’s frozen semen breeding accomplished, she is also getting Sally. Both of these puppies will be co-owned by Talbot Hill and Matador. Airline and COVID19 restrictions have complicated plans to get these puppies to their new home but, barring any further complications, they should be on a plane to Texas on Friday.

Lt Dan and Moira are destined for Dukeang Kennel (Argentina)…eventually. The border into Argentina is currently closed so they will remain at Talbot Hill until they can travel. There are plans in place to send Lt Dan to a handler to be finished and later collected in Houston before travelling on to Argentina.

Gilda and Matti will remain with me. Well, Gilda will remain with me…a red & white bitch with beautiful breed type and potentially a 13″…unless something drastic happens, she will remain at Talbot Hill. Matti is a very nice male puppy that I might like to use for breeding in the future but I don’t really need to keep him with me… so …

I am entertaining inquiries from experienced show or performance homes for Matti.

I have PLENTY OF PET HOMES so if you are a interested in Matti as a pet, please do not write. If it comes to that, I have some very good homes already waiting. Embark test results for Matti should be back any day now. Gilda and Midge’s results came back yesterday.

For me, success is not measured by what happens in the show ring but by progress that is made in the whelping box. I also measure my success by the successful placement of puppies in homes where they will live rich, active lives with their families. My goals include nurturing the next generation of beagle breeders and the next generation of beagle fanciers. I’m thrilled to have made progress toward all of those goals with these litters.

2 thoughts on “June 2020 Update

  1. Hi!!
    I just want to double check that my info was
    placed into the wait category from before last litter😇
    I responded with, “ New Puppy” in the subject
    box of email, thereby not being in correct category
    for potential puppy owners. ( You have emailed this to
    me). So: just checking to see if I am noted on your
    Also; do you have volunteers that help you with
    your dogs? I was raised with beagles, and had one
    With my kids. I live in Normandy Park.
    Thank you,

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