Another Farewell

She lies sleeping this afternoon, in the chair in which she was born. She came as a surprise to her mother, her firstborn, and after 90 minutes of working with her, calming her fears and easing the newborn Gilda into the world, Hanne welcomed her first puppy in the comfort of her favorite chair.

Gilda was the one that I had thought I would keep but a decision was made last week that she should go to another home. She’ll fly very early tomorrow morning to live with a puppy from my 2015 litter, joining a wonderful family that has kindly stayed in touch over the years and, I know, will continue to stay in touch as Chai and Gilda become best friends and Gilda starts her new life of big adventures.

3 thoughts on “Another Farewell

  1. That sweet little face will conquer some hearts! Sounds like she will be in a safe and happy home as she fills the lives of her new forever family with loyalty and love.

    “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;
    they give unconditional love.
    For me they are the role model for being alive.” -Gilda Radner

  2. Well said, twistedscriptures! Our first Beagle was a lemon blond female, just like Gilda. I love seeing pictures of your girl because it reminds me so much of our Oakley. She was not long for this world, because some cruel, heartless person tossed bread soaked with auto coolant over the fence and Oakley ate it and passed before her 4th birthday. We were devastated, and the only thing that made her loss bearable were her two Beagle brothers, who were not only litter mates to each other, but Oakley’s nephews. Magnum was a blue Beagle (passed at 7 yrs.) and Tango is a tri-colored little love who is 12 years and living his best life. All three of our Beagles came from breeder, Julie Wright Beagles.

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