Talbot Hill News – Dec 7, 2020

This is going to be a rather boring update.

As you may know, Olive failed to conceive and the litter expected in November was not to be. I’m waiting for Hanne, CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, to come in season and there are signs that might happen in the next month or two. I’m considering potential sires for her litter and will share more when there is more to share. Roux, Bayou Oaks First You Make A Roux, was in season in September and will likely be bred on her next season, next spring. I have not yet selected a sire for her litter. Moira, Talbot Hill Dukeang No Small Matter, has remained at Talbot Hill due to COVID, which has prevented her from traveling to Argentina. I continue to watch her development and if I choose to keep her for one litter, I do have one breeding in mind…but that will be in early 2022.

I hope to have more news soon when Hanne has been bred. For now, I wish you all happy holidays and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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