Talbot Hill News – Jan 15, 2021

We’ve assembled this morning to report that we have no news to report.

In recent months we’ve been attending Zoom meetings, monitoring phone calls, assisting with spreadsheets, and attending to other essential functions as COVID interns…

…and we’ve been postponing any thoughts of future puppies.

Things will happen, of course, when they’re meant to happen and I thank everyone on the waiting list for your patience. Three people on the list have notified me that they would like to be removed from the list and if your circumstances have changed, please let me know. I continue to get daily inquiries about puppies but with 30 families currently on my waiting list, I’m not adding to the list at this time.

I’m waiting for Hanne to come in season in early 2021. I’ll announce the sire after the litter has been bred since the timing of the breeding could affect which dog I use. Roux might also be bred this spring but, again, news will wait until after the litter has been bred.

Until next month, when I hope to have more interesting news to share…

Stay safe and stay well!

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