Thyme Marches On

Many are no doubt hoping for a litter announcement but “Hanne”, CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, is in no hurry to start another family. I’ll let you know, of course, as soon as I have news but, for now, she is quite content with the status quo.

CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, “Hanne”

Hanne’s sire was BIS/BISS CH Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time. In response to some recent inquiries about Herbie, I also share this post written when he passed in 2019: The Passage of Thyme.

Finally, I thought I’d share an update regarding Hanne’s daughter, “Moira”, from Hanne’s 2020 litter:

Talbot Hill Dukeang No Small Matter, “Moira”

With no shows anticipated until late this year due to COVID and with three litters planned in 2021, I gave a good deal of thought to Moira’s future. Keeping the number of beagles in our small home manageable, while my daughter and I continue to work at home due to COVID, led me to ponder the best possible future for Moira. I had a wonderful couple on my waiting list with plenty of beagle experience and lots of love to give…so…after a couple of months of wrestling with my decision, Moira met her new family…

“Moira”, Talbot Hill Dukeang No Small Matter, now called “Molly”

For me, “Success is measured in the whelping box”: have I made the improvements that I hoped to make with this breeding, have I gained some insight into the gene pool that I’m working with, have I made a contribution to the future of the breed? Ultimately all of the dogs that I breed will be someone’s beloved pet and there is no greater reward than a well-bred dog, living a great life with wonderful people like our dear friends, Bob and Jean, above. I won’t be showing Moira but I hope to have a litter from her when the time comes. For now she is growing up in a great home…and I can focus on the next litter of Talbot Hill puppies. I hope to have news about the next litter in my April post.

One thought on “Thyme Marches On

  1. Hello Carrie,
    I read this latest post with some sadness, how difficult it must be to part with a beloved beagle but the balm on the wound is knowing you have put much effort and heart in selecting Moire’s home. Perhaps it is because of the rawness I still feel from losing my beloved beagle, Ally McBeagle, aged 17 yrs in 2019 and am associating those feelings with ones you could be having but then realizing that I may be way off base.

    You have a lovely site. I have been researching breeders for about 6+ months now (mostly in my area and reading other breeder sites in a methodical way by area of the country – yes, I’m that analytical – when I googled you and found Talbot Hill Beagles). Admittedly I am a novice with breeders, all my past dogs have been rescue. I am so happy to have found all the information you have; it is one thing to find it in articles on the internet and in books but so much more compelling to read them on a breeder’s website who has the experience of what a beagle should be. So not reaching out to inquire about a beagle as I read you have 30 families waiting for you 2021 litters, just want to comment on Moire – a most beautiful girl – and tell you how appreciate I am for all the info you have here.

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