2021 Litters

Talbot Hill Dukeang The Gilded Sage, “Albus”

Over the past few days, two litters have been bred and if Roux and Hanne have conceived, their litters will be due in early June with puppies ready for their new homes in August.

Beowulf Nor’Easter Saranan Benedictus, “Benicio”

Both sires are young dogs, just a few points from finishing their AKC championships, and both litters present some interesting possibilities:

This week I will be reaching out to those on my waiting list. Much has happened over the past year and I want to update the list before potentially accepting new applications. I would also love to hear from existing Talbot Hill families who are interested in a puppy.

Finally, I want to close by noting that it’s been two years since we lost my friend, Roux’s breeder, Alyce Gilmore (Bayou Oaks Beagles). I marked her passing yesterday by planting a red bark maple in front of my home. This spot has been wanting a maple tree since I moved here 10 years ago…

…it will, no doubt, bring a smile, a laugh, and many memories for years to come.

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