2021 Litters – August Update

2021 was envisioned as a building year; breeding three litters with the hope of producing a foundation for future breeding plans. Three litters is a lot; I’ll normally have one or two litters per year but with COVID keeping us working at home, the ability to meet the needs of growing puppies made it possible to have three litters this year. As always, I had goals for each litter: traits that I wanted to see in the puppies, traits that I hoped to improve, and the stud dogs and pedigrees were carefully selected to achieve those goals. You never achieve perfection in one generation but the motto that I breed by is this…

Success is Measured In The Whelping Box

Carrie Davis – Talbot Hill Beagles

I don’t measure my success, as a breeder, by the number of champions that I breed, the number of ribbons on my wall, or my national ranking, I measure my success by the improvement made from one generation to the next. It takes time and objectivity to carefully select the puppies that will continue on in the breeding program and I appreciate everyone’s everyone’s patience as I carefully work through the process of selecting the next generation at Talbot Hill. I’m so pleased with each of these litters and I’ve had some difficult decisions to make. Here’s a summary of each of the litters as of August 13, 2021:

Benicio x Roux

All of the puppies in this litter have found homes. Galileo will be staying at Talbot Hill. Orion and Luna have settled into homes in the Seattle area and Skye will join a Talbot Hill family in the Seattle area later this month. Phoebe is now living in New York at Nor’Easter Beagles, co-owners of Benicio, and Gaia will be going to a show home on Monday.

Albus x Hanne

Peppe is now living in CO and is co-owned with Cathy Palmer who does great work for AmBrNet, supporting beagle rescue around the country. Sturla, Tiril, and Marte are still with me. Marte is tiny and if I had to choose today, she would be the puppy that I would keep; lovely, balanced puppy with good temperament. I LOVE Sturla, too, and I pray that he will stay under the wicket…he’s a gorgeous puppy that I’ll just have to run on and see what happens. If he goes over, I’ll probably collect him before considering options in Europe. Tiril…LOL! Oh….Tiril. She’d be a great agility beagle if she wasn’t so big but she’ll never fit under a 14″ wicket. I’m not sure that she’ll go over but…well, she’s one that I’m just watching for now and will place appropriately when the time comes. She is a very busy puppy! Tiril will be offered to an appropriate home on the waiting list.

Rory x Olive

Olive’s litter was just 4 weeks old yesterday so they’re a little too small to make any decisions just yet but I’m happy with what I see so far. This will be Olive’s final litter so I was hoping to get a nice bitch puppy from her. She’s given me a pretty little bitch puppy in Caper so I’m hoping that I’ll like how she turns out. The boys are also promising so time will tell who I will keep. I will keep one puppy from this litter. I do not know yet which puppy. I should also note that Olive is the grandmother of the Albus x Hanne litter (Olive is the dam of Albus, sired by Walter).

I hope to come to a decision about Tiril by September. It will be a few weeks before I can make any decisions about the Rory x Olive puppies. I would entertain show inquiries for the male puppies from the Rory x Olive litter. Please PM.

5 thoughts on “2021 Litters – August Update

  1. I was wondering how can I add my information to the wait list? Is there an additional step in order for me to get on the wait list? Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill puppies. I am not adding to my waiting list at this time. I will typically have an application period each year once a litter has arrived. The best thing to do is “Follow” my blog or join the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group for announcements about upcoming litters.

  2. We lost out Beagle from Bayou Oaks Beagles after 15 years. We are looking for a male puppy. Please email me are Call. 713-859-8044 Gordon Landrum

    1. I don’t have any litters planned at this time. Please “Follow” my blog or join the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group for the latest news about upcoming litters.

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