September 2021 Update

Happy September, Everyone! September is my favorite month of the year and fall is my favorite time of the year. I’m glad to have the hot, dry days of summer behind me and the cooler days of fall with the colors and flavors of fall on the horizon. Summer is the best time to have puppies; they can go outside and play in the yard, creating less of a burden inside the home, and giving them lots of opportunity for exercise and exploration. The timing of the litters this year was perfect…but it’s time to move on.

I’ll be keeping four puppies from the three litters that I had this year:

All of the puppies from the Benicio x Roux and Albus x Hanne litters have found their new homes.

The Rory x Olive litter was 7 weeks old on Thursday, September 2nd. I’ll be keeping Caper, the female puppy in the litter and will be carefully selecting homes for the two males, Rowan and Reis. Rowan is a show quality puppy with a happy, confident, outgoing temperament. I will be considering both show and pet homes for Rowan. Reis is a nice puppy, too, but will likely be placed in a pet home. I will be reaching out to applicants this weekend regarding the boys.

The 2021 puppies provide me with lots of potential for the future. I have thoughts of future litters percolating in my head but 2022 will only bring one or perhaps two litters at most. The timing of the girls influences the decision whether to have a litter and I expect to spend more time focused on showing the 2021 puppies in the coming year. Hopefully there will be a bit more time for gardening, reading, hiking, and a few other things that I enjoy in 2022, too. The summer of 2021 has been long, hot, and exhausting and I look forward to curling up with a good book and a beagle, or two, this fall.

The NBC National Specialty will be held in Ohio at the end of the month and I look forward to seeing friends and dogs again. I won’t be taking any dogs this year but I’m looking forward attending our annual reunion once again. I hope to make decisions about Rowan and Reis before I leave for Nationals so I’ll be reviewing applications this weekend and will be in touch soon.

4 thoughts on “September 2021 Update

  1. Dear Carrie,
    Like you, I also lost a friend when Alyce passed away. I am dismayed not to hear back from my emails to you, after you said you were thrilled to get our application last year. What happened?

    1. Hi Lin! I apologize. I’ve just checked my e-mail and I realize that I missed an e-mail from you on July 30th. We’ve had our hands so full this summer, caring for three litters of puppies along with the adult beagles AND working full-time jobs. I’ve been up before 5 am each morning to take care of the dogs and I don’t get a chance to attend to my own needs until sometime after 6. One of the biggest challenges that I have when I’m raising a litter of puppies is trying to keep up with the email, personal messages, phone calls, text messages, etc. It’s a third full-time job just trying to stay in touch with everyone which is why I created the blog on my website and the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group so that I could communicate much of the information once, to all, rather than fifty individualized messages. I just don’t have time for that much communication. Since shipping a puppy during the summer months can be such a challenge, I had considered you as a better option for one of the Rory x Olive puppies, ready for homes in September.

  2. Interested in beagles. Have had beagles since 1980. Currently have one , Rosie. Lost her half brother Bert in May. Will always have beagles. Live in alaska on 80 acres of woods.
    Do I fill out an application?

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