2021 Puppy Placements

I made final decisions about the placements of puppies from the 2021 litters this weekend and confirmed the final pet placement yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to reach out to those on the waiting list and I know that there will be disappointment. I wish that I had puppies for everyone. A couple of times, when other breeders have asked for referrals, I’ve forwarded applicants to those breeders, resulting in several successful placements. These have generally been out-of-state applicants who were unlikely to get a puppy from me for no other reason than distance. I’ve had plenty of good local homes to choose from and have not needed to consider out-of-state homes that would require shipping during the hot summer months.

I’ve been judging animals for 48 years so I know what I’m looking for when I’m planning a breeding and when I’m evaluating my puppies. This year I bred my 36th litter so I’ve also learned what I want to hear in an application when I’m carefully selecting homes for my puppies. The fact that someone was not selected for a puppy does necessarily mean that there was fault with the application, though. I had fifty applicants for my puppies and more inquiries coming in every day. With thirteen puppies from three litters, four of them remaining with me, many families were going to be disappointed.

This weekend I made the decision to place Reis (Rory x Olive) with a local family that were former volunteers with Seattle Beagle Rescue. They now have a young son and want to welcome a well-bred beagle into their family. Reis’ calm, gentle nature is the perfect fit for their family.

I had intended to keep Caper from the same litter but after some long discussions this past weekend, we’ve decided that Caper will be co-owned with Laura Hiatt at Matador Beagles in Texas. She’ll be flying with me to Nationals in Ohio at the end of the month and then traveling home to Texas with the Hiatts.

That means that Rowan, now registered Talbot Hill Dukeang Leap of Faith, will be staying at Talbot Hill as my “keeper” from the litter. There’s much that I like about this puppy and while, as a breeder I can’t believe that I’m keeping three boys! and just one girl….well, I’m happy with what I have…for now…

Talbot Hill Dukeang Leap Of Faith

The other puppies staying at Talbot Hill from this year’s litters are:

Talbot Hill Rhapsody In G Minor, “Galileo” (Benicio x Roux)
Talbot Hill Dukeang Nordic Saga (Albus x Hanne)
Talbot Hill Dukeang Tivoli (Albus x Hanne) – 13″

At any time in the coming months, any one of these puppies might be made available for any number of reasons. Last year I placed Moira (Roubaix x Hanne) with breeding rights when she was several months old. I wanted her to have a family of her own…and boy, does she live a good life!…but, as a really lovely bitch with a great deal to offer my breeding program, I wanted to be able to take that genetic potential forward to the next generation…

Talbot Hill Dukeang Nowhere To Go

If I breed a litter next year, I hope that the timing will allow me to breed Moira (now called “Molly”). Thoughts are percolating in my head about future litters but it’s too early to talk about that now.

As for those on my waiting list, I’m so very sorry for the disappointment that some are feeling. I wish that I had more puppies. I wish I had more energy and more money and more space…and more coffee! But it has been a long, hot, busy summer and I’m looking forward to calmer fall, curling up with a book and a beagle. I’ll have more to say about the future in the coming months but for now…I’m just hoping that the dust will settle…

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