This and That…and Packing My Bags

2021 National Beagle Club Specialty in Wilmington, Ohio – Sept 25 – 30

I’ve spent this morning making a start on some long-needed edits to my website. This is a project that will keep me busy well into the fall. I hope to update the site with many of the beagles from my past, many pet photos I’ve wanted to add to the gallery, articles that I’ve wanted to update or add to the site, and variety of design changes that I’d like to make but simply haven’t had time to do. As you visit the site the weeks to come, please know that some pages may be a “work in progress”.

A week from now I’ll be packing my bags and preparing for my flight to Ohio, where I’ll be attending the National Beagle Club Specialty It’ll be my first dog show since January 2020 so I’m looking forward to seeing good friends and so many of our lovely, merry little hounds. I’ll try to share photos and perhaps a video or two in the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group while I’m there. I am grateful, once again, to my daughter, Amanda, who will ably manage the dogs during my absence. I leave her just before her annual fund-raising luncheon for 1,000 people and her plate is already very full…so, Amanda….please enjoy this “Thank You Balloon”!

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