November News

The past week has been eventful, with Sturla and Rowan now settled happily into their new homes. Galileo and I made a quick overnight trip down to Vancouver to attend his first dog show (and my first in nearly two years) and yesterday, Marte and I celebrated her 5-month milestone with a quick morning photo shoot and an afternoon outing to the local botanical garden.

Monday was my day off and I had a long list of things to accomplish but I also had a little time to think about the coming year. Last night, I had a little time to talk about the coming year with my daughter, Amanda, too. Amanda lives with me and she’s an enormous help with the dogs. We both work at home and 2021 has been an exhausting year, raising three litters of puppies in our small house while keeping up with everything else that we have in our lives as well.

2022 is going to be a challenging year for Amanda…good challenging, exciting…but, it means that I need to thank her for all of her help with the dogs in 2021 by dialing back my involvement in dogs in 2022. So, this means that I have one more puppy available this year…

You may have noticed that I take my time when placing my puppies. I want to find just the right home for each puppy…the home that was “meant to be”. Galileo is a special boy with a great desire to please; great attention. He’s also fairly small (12.5 inches at 5 months). While I don’t think he’ll be a 13″, I do think that he’ll stay under a 14″ wicket and that combination of moderate size and desire to please make him a great candidate for a performance home, someone interested in agility, obedience, rally, scent work, etc. He has potential in the show ring, too, although, to be honest, he’s going through an awkward phase at the moment which I’ll be happy to discuss with anyone who is seriously interested. What I want for Galileo, though, is someone with the time and energy to give this puppy what he needs…a job. And…someone of his own to devote himself to.

Terms: Co-ownership required. $1600.

Performance/Show inquires ONLY

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