Farewell 2022

I’ve been putting off the writing of this post. It’s my nature to focus on the positive, to focus on the future, but this has been a year of so many challenges and disappointments, so many heartaches and sorrows, particularly in this final month of December, that to write summary of 2022 that is both hopeful and optimistic is not only difficult but also feels disrespectful to the pain that others reading this post are feeling. We learn from these experiences so that we can be there for one another with empathy as we pass through times of sorrow and challenge so thank you to each of you who have been there for me in 2022 and thank you to each of you who reached out to me when I could be there for you. To those still struggling, I am here for you.

Before saying farewell to 2022 at the end of the day, I do want to acknowledge a few highlights of the past year. Albus, Talbot Hill Dukeang The Gilded Sage has sired two litters and three puppies from those litters went Best in Sweepstakes at five different specialties this year. One of those puppies finished quickly, CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Fire Saga, and a daughter from his second litter was 13″ RWB at the National Specialty in September. Albus fills a 15″ wicket without going over but has produced several 13″ puppies and I’m thrilled with the quality of the puppies that he’s producing.

CH Talbot Hill Matador North Star, “Martin” made the cut at Nationals for the second year in a row and is now making his mark in the agility ring. We are looking forward to his first litter this spring. Martin’s sister, “Moira” gave us a beautiful litter by Albus, producing Talbot Hill Manahound Magnolia, “Poppy”, the 13″ RWB at Nationals and their sister “Midge”, CH Talbot Hill No Reservations, is just a few Q’s away from her MACH, she earned her TDX in 2022, and was Grand Seiger at an International show earlier this year (Best of the Best in Show winners). If the timing is right, Midge will be bred to Albus in 2023.

Albus’ littermate, Graeme, Talbot Hill Dukeang The Silversmith, has distinguished himself in Scent Work. Graeme has several High in Trial wins to his credit and will no doubt continue sniffing out the ribbons in 2023.

Many Talbot Hill beagles simply live active lives with their families and to all of you who stay in touch, sharing stories and photos throughout the year….Thank You!

I hope to have news about 2023 puppies soon. Roux flew to Texas this week to be bred to Martin but we have not yet “made puppies”. There may be other litters, too, and we look forward to the promise of 2023.

I’ve received several applications for 2023 puppies and will be in touch with applicants soon. I’ve been working long hours at work this month and I’m behind on my correspondence so I appreciate your patience. We’re excited to welcome in the new year and we look forward to the next generation at Talbot Hill. Happy New Year Everyone!

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