About Beagles

The modern beagle has developed over the centuries from small hounds brought to the British Isles by the Romans and interbred with the indigenous hounds that were found there.  The predominantly white Talbot Hound, the Southern Hound, the Northern Hound, and other influences contributed to the creation of the small scenthound that was developed to hunt hare and other small game in packs.  The Reverend Phillip Honeywood established the first working pack in Essex in the 1830’s and The Beagle Club was established in 1890.   General Richard Rowett imported beagles from England in 1876 and was the first to begin the careful breeding and selection of beagles in the US.  Beagles were recognized by the AKC in 1885 and the National Beagle Club was established in 1887.


Tiny NBC 9 to 12 

Today, through the careful breeding of centuries past, the beagle is a small, versatile hound, adaptable to a variety of lifestyles and pursuits.  To imagine life with a beagle, it is important to understand the purpose for which the breed was developed – to spend entire days hunting small game in packs – because the attributes that make the beagle suitable for this purpose were bred into the breed for centuries and still exist today.  Through the careful breeding of responsible breeders, the stewards of the breed, today’s beagle is a healthy, happy hound that  continues to do it’s work in the field but has also found success in the show ring, in agility and obedience trials, and perhaps most importantly, on the family couch.


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If you’re thinking about making a beagle a part of your life, spend some time with a reputable breeder and their dogs.  Ask questions.  Get to know the breed before making a 15-year commitment to your new companion.  A good breeder will appreciate your interest and thoughtful consideration.  Beagles are wonderful dogs but they are not for everyone…and not every lifestyle situation is suitable for a beagle.  A reputable breeder will honestly discuss with you both the pros and the cons of the merry little hounds that we love.



5 thoughts on “About Beagles

  1. My husband and I are interested in adopting. We have a 5y/o beagle and lost our lab of 15 yrs 2yrs ago. We are wondering about the possibility of a puppy either this year or next year as well as the process of adoption.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. I typically have just one litter each year but I get many inquiries about puppies over the course of each year. I prefer to wait until I actually have puppies available before I begin the process of finding homes for them. Information about the process of applying for a puppy is available on the “Puppies” page of my site. An announcement will be made on my blog when the puppies arrive, when a puppy or puppies are available, and when applications will be accepted. I will post an application form on the blog when the puppies are around 4 weeks of age.

      My 2017 litter is due around Easter and it’s possible that I might have two litters in 2018…if all goes well.

      Thank you again for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to talk further in May. 🙂

  2. What health testing should be done on breeding beagles in order to have a CHIC number or what does the beagle club require for its members? Also what should a prospective puppy buyer expect to pay for a beagle puppy? I’m doing some research for a friend who is new to dogs but interested in a beagle. Trying to steer them towards a reputably bred puppy.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi, Carrie! We are Doyle & Susie Hughes, 44 yrs in Gig Harbor, WA.. Funny, in 1975-77, we lived on Talbot Hill, off Shaddock & across from powerlines & the old Bush Family property. A Veterinarian had owned our home. While raising our family, we had the most wonderful little Beagle girl ~ Bridget, from Mrs Olive White in Orting, WA……………. Our most loving Bridget, was with us for 15.5 years; & she spoiled us! Bridget never dug nor barked (hardly ever), Bridget, had an overbite & fit in perfectly as out family companion! We are now retired & doing some local RV’ing, still in our family home (1.5 acres in the woods) & looking to adopt a little girl ~ pet grade, please. I have subscribed to your newsletter & we will see how everything develops…….. we are in no hurry! Best, Doyle & Susie

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