About Talbot Hill

Beagles have been a part of my life for more than thirty-five years.  Like many, I was first introduced to the breed through a family pet, “Barney”, and eventually, when time and motherhood permitted, the breed drew me back to my lifelong interest in breeding quality animals.  I had grown up in 4-H and FFA, showing and judging horses and livestock.   I was consistently among the top judges in the state in horse, livestock, and meats judging and earned a bronze medal at Nationals in 1979 (Livestock Judging) and a silver medal in 1980 (Meats Judging).  After high school, I went to Washington State University as a pre-vet major, studied livestock judging and competed on the livestock judging team, and graduated with a degree in Agriculture Education.  I completed the requirements to apply for an AKC Judge’s License in 2008 just days before surgery to remove a tumor in my stomach.  Complications that resulted from the surgery put those aspirations on hold but perhaps one day in the future I’ll pursue that goal again.

I purchased my first show beagle from Twainheart Beagles and Hershey became my first owner-handled champion.  I showed beagles bred by other breeders for several years – Starbuck Torbay, Echo Run, Beowulf, Bayou Oaks, MSK – before whelping my first litter in January 2002.  The first puppy whelped in that litter was the first to bear my kennel name, “Talbot Hill”, and she went on to become my first homebred champion, CH. Talbot Hill’s Overture, “Rosie”.  “Talbot Hill” is a local reference as well as an historical reference to the all white Talbot Hound, an ancestor of the beagle from centuries ago.  My first litter was a litter of five red & white bitch puppies, born completely white, with not a single marking until they were two weeks of age.

Since that first litter in 2002, I’ve bred numerous champions and had several nationally ranked dogs; most notably, back-to-back 13″ Best of Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor at the 2005 and 2006 National Specialties, CH. Beowulf Talbot Hill Grace Note and CH. Talbot Hill’s Razzle Dazzle, both breeder/owner-handled and both just seven months old at the time.  Most special to me is Herbie, multiple BIS/BISS CH. Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time.  Herbie was the #2 15″ Beagle in the U.S. in 2008 (All Systems), Select Dog at the 2010 Nationals, and the first red & white beagle in the history of the breed to win multiple Best in Shows.

I enjoy the sport of purebred dogs not for the ribbons and the rankings, but for the opportunity to travel, to see friends who share a similar passion, and to see beautiful dogs.  My battle with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008, and its aftermath, has caused me to focus less on the “sport” of purebred dogs in recent years and more on the “art” of breeding purebred dogs….which, to be honest, is where my heart truly lies.  From a very early age, much of my life has been devoted to the thoughtful, objective selection of animals for their intended purpose.  I’ve been blessed with many wise and generous mentors over the years and I’m grateful for their guidance and counsel.

I returned to breeding in 2015 through the gift of a bitch from my own bloodlines and I strive to breed healthy, happy, beautiful dogs that can excel in the show ring, the field or performance arena, and on the family couch.  Thank you to the breeders who have made Talbot Hill beagles a part of their breeding programs and to the families who have made Talbot Hill beagles a part of their homes.



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51 thoughts on “About Talbot Hill

      1. Hi! I would like to inquire about a beagle for a family pet. Do you have any puppies right now? Thank you!

      2. Hi Carrie,
        I have a beagle girl that I received from Lanbur Beagles.”Janie” has her AKC championship title and has a 5 point major towards her grand championship. I am looking for a quality male to breed her to. I have followed your kennel for a few years and have always loved your dogs.I live in Newport Oregon and I am looking for someone close to home (Wa or Or) . I would love to talk to you and see if you would be interested in the breeding.
        Phone 360 440 0099
        Barbara Haller

  1. Hi Carrie,

    Someone we met in the street who had a really nice beagle recommended us to take contact with you for find a puppy beagle. He told us he bought is dog with you.
    We have seen you have puppies in this moment. Do you think it’s possible to visit you for discuss about beagle dog and adoption?
    Please, let me know.
    Have a nice day Carrie!

    1. Hello Michel!

      I appreciate your interest in my beagles. At this time I am accepting inquiries from breeders/exhibitors and former Talbot Hill owners. The puppies are just one week old today and too young to evaluate so I do not yet know which ones will go to show homes and which will go to pet homes…or how many will be show or pet. Since this is my first litter in six years, I have already had inquiries from those who have Talbot Hill beagles and I have had some interest from breeders/exhibitors as well. As the puppies get older, I will begin to assess the litter and make decisions about their futures. When I have puppies available, it will be announced on my blog along with an application, perhaps as early as mid-July. Please “Follow” my blog for the latest news about the availability of a puppy.

      Best Wishes! Carrie 🙂

  2. Hi there, we’re considering a puppy and came across your info. Where are you located? Do you have pups available, if not, when do you plan on expecting some?

    1. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. I am located in the Seattle area and do not have any puppies available currently. Please check the “Puppies” page and “Links” page on my site for information about available puppies/beagles and “Follow” my blog for announcements about upcoming litters. I expect to announce plans for my next litter sometime in October 2015.

  3. Hi Carrie,

    I’d like to send you a recent photo of Sophie. Can you please send me your email address and I’ll send one. I tried the email address I had but I’m not sure it’s gone through.



  4. I am so happy I found your website and will be following you for a puppy in the future. Spunky is now a ten-year old beagle and was suppose to ge the kids’ dog but has won my heart over. I would like to get another beagle puppy in the future and am impressed with your dedication to being a reputable puppy breeder and the genuine caring you show for your puppies’ future home. Thank you!!

  5. Trying to find out where you are located at. Looking for A beagle puppy brown and white with no black. We live in Portland , Oregon.

    1. I am located in Seattle. I am expecting a litter in late spring 2016 and if I have puppies available, they will be ready for new homes in late July. Color is not a consideration when I breed. My bitch can produce tri, red & white, and blue but the male that she has been bred to, to our knowledge, can only produce tri-color. It would be nice to see some variety in the coloration of the puppies in the litter but we will have to wait to see what we get. Again, as a breeder, color is immaterial.

  6. Hi-
    I wanted to find out if the puppies coming in May are going to be 13″?
    Also, are they all reserved already? We wanted to fill out the application, but wasn’t sure if it was too late for your annual (or every two year) litter.

    1. Thank you for your inquiry, Christine. The sire of the litter is 13″; the dam is 14″. There may be both 13″ and 15″ beagles in the litter but we won’t know their variety until they are fully grown. I suspect that most, if not all, will be 15″ beagles. I do not reserve puppies that have not yet been whelped so please feel free to fill out an application. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles.


  7. Hi there! We have a sweet and beautiful akc lemon beagle female and would like to breed her with another akc male. Do you offer stud service with any of your beagles? Thank you in advance!

  8. We are beagle people and just lost our Hunter dog to an auto immune disease where body was destroying red blood cells. He died within a week of diagnosis–we all fought hard to save him and are so ready to have another beagle who has personality and wants to sit on the couch with us or sleep on the bed with us. The new beagle will have Mattie to chum with. She is not very active and is pretty much Hoover when it comes to food. She is a sweetie but a highlight is her breakfast and dinner. A neighbor could not keep her and we were chosen to love her.
    We can’t afford the $500 type of adoption fee unless we can make payments. Have to pay off Hunter’s $700 vet bill.

  9. Hi there,
    My husband and I met you in Wenatchee (I believe) and I am hoping to adopt one of your little girl puppies when they are available. My husband and I weren’t able to have children and our pets were our kids. We lost our little girl beagle Kadie a couple years ago, at 14 years of age. In February, my husband passed away suddenly due to complications from a blood clot that caused a heart attack. Needless to say, I’m in need of a companion – we have a beach house in Birch Bay and we were planning on adopting a baby beagle to enjoy at the beach. Our cat “Kit” loved Kadie and they were best buddies. If you would like to talk with me, my # is (425) 737-0295. Thank you for your time.

  10. Hello
    We have a beautiful intact purebred male Lemon Beagle. We are looking to add another beagle to our family. Hopefully with an offspring of our Charlie. We’re not interested in breeding for profit, just 1 to 2 dogs from the litter. Is Talbot beagles a place that can “help” us?
    Thank you!

  11. I’m happy to hear how much you are enjoying your beagle. I would not be interested in a litter sired by Charlie, however. If you are interested in a related beagle, I recommend that you contact the breeder from whom you purchased him.

  12. our family is looking to adopt a beagle puppy. we are wanting to adopt around mid to late june when school gets out, at that time would you have any puppies to adopt? if not would you be able to point us in the direction of other breeders like yourself. thank you!

    1. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. I won’t have any puppies available in 2017. My next litter will likely be in spring 2018. Please visit the National Beagle Club site (See “Links” page) for links to other breeders.

  13. Hi Carrie,
    I have had 2 male beagles: a tri-colored and a beautiful blue tick with brilliant green eyes. We lost our green eyed boy just over a year ago and are ready for another lovely boy. I am in Sequim. Do you currently have a litter available? I’m again looking for a boy, tri-colored (ticking or not).
    Missing a baying boy,

    1. Information about upcoming litters is available on the Puppies page of my site. I do not currently have puppies available and my next litter will likely be in 2018. I do not keep a waiting list. “Follow” my blog for announcements about upcoming litters.

  14. Are you anticipating a litter in 2018? I plan to keep an eye on your blog, but thought I’d check with you too. We lost our beloved beagle “Bailey” after having him in our family for 16 wonderful roo-filled years. It’s been over a year since he has passed and we are really missing having a beagle in our family. 🙂

      1. I’m interested in adopting a female beagle baby whenever one is available. My husband and I have had the pleasure of being beagle parents to two beagle girls during our 34 years of marriage. We were not able to have children and we loved each of our beagle girls as if they were our children. I lost my husband unexpectedly in February when he had a heart attack. I’m dealing with my loss and look forward to having a little girl beagle to take care of and to keep me company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

        Best Regards,

  15. Thank you for your interest in my beagles. I hope that I have a bitch in whelp with a litter due in February but it is too early to know for sure. I will be breeding another litter for a friend this week. Unlike other breeders, I don’t keep a waiting list. I wait until puppies have arrived, I know what I have, and I know what I want to keep before I start to accept applications. I don’t respond to inquiries until that time. Please follow my blog for announcements about upcoming litters and notification when applications will be accepted.

  16. Hello,

    My name is Maria and I have a 9yr old beagle girl from Julie-Wright’s beagles from Southern California.
    I would like to get advice on food options for senior beagles. We currently reside in the UK and we are not getting much information from our vet (consulted many!) on what brand is safe and recommended.

    If you have any advice for us it would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  17. Hi. We recently lost our beloved 11 yr old tri-color, 15″ beagle to cancer, and are hoping to find another. Do you anticipate having puppies of the larger size, in the near future?

    1. Dear Laurie, I’m sorry for the loss of your beloved beagle. I will not be having another litter until 2019 but a friend will be breeding her first litter later this summer, sired by my own Herbie, BIS/BISS CH Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time. Information about the litter will be announce on my web site this fall.

      1. Hi! Did I see correctly that you may have a litter coming this spring? I’d love to be added to a list and kept informed if you are. Thank you! Jenna

      2. I do anticipate a litter in Spring 2019 but I don’t keep a list of prospective homes (with the exception of existing Talbot Hill families that have let me know that they are ready for their next beagle). Once the litter has been bred, an announcement will be made on my “Puppies” page and on my “Blog”. When the litter has arrived, another announcement will be made and photos will be shared. When the litter is 4 or 5 weeks old and I can start to make some decisions about their future, an application will be posted on my “Puppies” page and applications will be accepted at that time.

  18. Hi, is there a way in contacting you? My husband and I want to get a beagle next year, so I am starting the search process now. I would like to know how much your pups cost?

  19. Hello, are you anticipating a litter in 2021? My husband and I finally bought a home with a beautiful backyard and are excited to welcome a beagle into our family. Thanks and happy holidays 🙂

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