Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature


Whelped February 15, 2018

Co-Owned and Co-Bred by Talbot Hill Beagles and Dukeang Kennel (Argentina)

I kept three bitch puppies from this litter:  Matilde lives with a friend; Claire and Hanne remain at Talbot Hill with me.  What intrigues me about the two girls that remain with me, aside from the fact that they are very nice puppies, is the grandparents that I see coming through in them.  It’s as if her grandfathers got together to create Hanne.  I see so much of Matts and Brian in her and I’m so excited to see that as a breeder.  She’s a lovely girl, a beautiful mover, a clown!, and she possesses so many of the traits that I hoped would come through in this breeding.

Hanne at 5 months – 12.25 inches
Hanne at 4 months