2019 Oliver x Roux

GCH Talbot Hill Kinsglo Twist In The Road, “Oliver”, has been bred to CH Bayou Oaks First You Make a Roux, “Roux”, with puppies due at the end of July.

This litter is closely related to my earlier litter in 2019, Walter x Olive. Oliver is a full sibling to Olive and Roux is a half-sister to Walter (Walter and Roux were both sired by 2011 NBC National Specialty Best of Breed winner, BIS/BISS GCH Shadynook McDreamy At RK Tooker). Oliver was 13″ RWD at the 2016 National Specialty and Roux’s dam, Lisboa, was 15″ RWB at the 2016 National Specialty. Lisboa also won the Mexican National Specialty the same year, following in the footsteps of her sire, Carlos Gardel, who won the Mexican National Specialty in 2015.

Roux came to me with the passing of my dear friend, Alyce Gilmore (Bayou Oaks Beagles) in April 2019. Shortly after her diagnosis, Alyce and I discussed her plans for her dogs in the event of her death and she told me that she wanted her final litter to be a breeding between Roux and BIS CH Bayou Oaks English Leather…a breeding that I intend to do in the future. I like to let a bitch have a natural experience for her first litter, however, and English Leather has been gone for some time so, for a variety of reasons, I’ve bred this first litter by Oliver.

Alyce lived in Lake Charles, LA and would often come to Seattle for a week in the summer to escape the heat and humidity down south. On her last visit to Talbot Hill, I had my first litter by GCH Kinsglo Road to Rhode Island out of CH Dukeang Tiny and Alyce loved Oliver. I offered him to her and she nearly took him home. Knowing how much she liked this little dog gives me comfort, knowing that I have her blessing on this litter. She was also very excited about the Walter x Olive litter and would have loved the results so I think that she’ll find the possibilities of the similar pedigree intriguing.

As I write this post, Roux is just 3 weeks in whelp and it is too early to know for certain that she is expecting…although behavioral clues are a good sign that we have puppies on the way. Stay tuned for more news about this litter toward the end of July.