Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell

Whelped June 10, 2015

RWD and 15″ Best in Sweeps – Phoenix Arizona Beagle Club Specialties (1 &2), Feb 2016

Shown above at 5.5 months of age.  George has a beautiful head with square muzzle and soft expression carried on a lovely arching neck that rises from well-laid shoulders with upper arm of equal length.  A prominent prosternum carries back through an excellent ribcage and short loin topped by a perfect topline.  Bone is ample; feet are tight.  Movement is perfectly sound coming and going; sidegait effortless with lovely reach and drive.  Wonderful temperament.

George is now retired from the show ring and makes his home in Connecticut with a long-time Talbot Hill family.  He grew to be 15.75 inches following the specialty in Phoenix and as much as I loved this dog I made the difficult decision to part with him and let him live a wonderful life as a companion.

Tiny’s first litter produced some beautiful beagles and gave me some good clues for selecting the sire for her second litter.


tinyandtrey pedigree

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