Those Tough Decisions

I sat on the rail of stock pen, looking down into a flock of Suffolk ewes and later, a small herd of Angus heifers, armed with some statistics and visual observation, charged with the task of deciding who would stay and who would go. After making my decisions, I would answer to Dr. Everett Martin, … More Those Tough Decisions

Last Call

The 2022 Albus x Moira litter will be 7 weeks old on Saturday, April 23. I’ll be spending the weekend with the litter while Liz is out of town and I’m excited to see the litter again, to see how they’ve developed over the past week. We are so pleased with the puppies and will … More Last Call

The Beagle Head

We lost my dear friend, Alyce (Bayou Oaks Beagles), three years ago today. She was friend, mentor, and breeding partner and several years ago she chaired the committee that created our current visualization of the standard, contributing the knowledge and experience that she had gained over the decades so that new judges and breeders could … More The Beagle Head

Beagle Pain Syndrome

Beagle Pain Syndrome, or Steroid-Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis (SRMA), is an inflammatory neurological disorder that affects beagles and several other breeds. Little is known about what triggers the disorder or what the genetics of the illness might be. It occurs most often in young dogs who respond quickly to steroid treatment. Relapses may occur as the medication … More Beagle Pain Syndrome

Questions and Choices

I can’t imagine a better vacation: a week away at essentially a “Beagle AirBNB” with a litter of four week old puppies on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. It’s not everyone’s idea of a vacation but I’m enjoying the quiet, the sightseeing, and time spent with a beautiful litter of puppies. I’m two hours from my … More Questions and Choices

Happy April!

I’m enjoying a one-week vacation in Port Townsend, WA; caring for my litter while Liz is out of town, caring for the litter in Portland. I’ve enjoyed seeing the deer that freely roam the neighborhood, the view of the Olympic Mountains from the living room, and the hummingbirds that visit often to feed at the … More Happy April!

2022 Puppies

I’m settling in to spend a week with the puppies while Liz is out of town caring for another litter in Vancouver. Before leaving, we transformed the puppies’ home to start the process of litter box training. They’ve already successfully pee’d and poo’d and they’re quite cozy in their plush new accommodations. The puppies are … More 2022 Puppies