Where Are You Going, Galileo?

I’ve had several inquiries about Galileo since my last post so I wanted to share a quick update about my current plans for him… For now, Galileo will remain with me. He’s going through an awkward growth phase and is not ready for the show ring but I suspect he will outgrow this phase with … More Where Are You Going, Galileo?

November News

The past week has been eventful, with Sturla and Rowan now settled happily into their new homes. Galileo and I made a quick overnight trip down to Vancouver to attend his first dog show (and my first in nearly two years) and yesterday, Marte and I celebrated her 5-month milestone with a quick morning photo … More November News


Transparency is a buzz word that often comes up in conversation among breeders. Some advocate for breeders to “air their laundry” for all to see, for the betterment of the breed, displaying all health clearances publicly. While I am all for genetic testing and other health testing, there is much more that goes into making … More Transparency

Setting Goals

At church yesterday, a friend, who was thinking about getting a puppy, asked me how they might find a good breeder. I suggested visiting the AKC website or the national breed club website for the breed(s) that they were interested in. “Oh! I don’t want a show dog.” they replied. I reassured them that, as … More Setting Goals


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Hi, I’m Carrie. Beagles have been a part of my life for more than 35 years. As a supporting member of the National Beagle Club, I breed beagles that can excel in the show ring, the performance venue, and on the family couch. As an approved breed mentor with a degree in education and more than 45 years’ experience judging animals, I hope that you’ll find my blog and my website informative.

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