Hot Summer Night

It’s a hot summer night in Seattle where, with temperatures in the mid-90’s once again, we have set a record for the number of days in the 90’s this summer.  Like most Seattleites, we have no A/C so we make do with fans, open windows, and cool beverages.  The puppies are doing well in spite … More Hot Summer Night


Talbot Hill Dukeang Chai at 7 weeks We had a lovely but unexpected visit with family from Texas over the last two days, providing extra puppy cuddles but delaying our weekly photo session.  More photos of the puppies coming this evening…

Puppies and Patience

The puppies are 7 weeks old today and as my daughter patiently took photos of three of the puppies before leaving for work this morning, I reflected on how much we are all drawing upon our capacity for patience.  Those waiting for their new puppies are patiently waiting for the day when their new puppies … More Puppies and Patience

5 Weeks!

The puppies are now 5 weeks old and had their first outdoor adventure today.  We’ve also done our weekly photo shoot and photos of each of the puppies have been added to their web page (see “Puppies” page).  Here’s a peek at Mate at 5 weeks…