2023 Puppy Application

Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2023 for the 2023 Albus x Midge litter . Your thoughtful and detailed answers to the questions below will help us ensure that each puppy finds it way to the best “forever home” for that puppy. 2023 applications will be used to find homes for Talbot Hill puppies and puppies associated with Talbot Hill. Information about 2023 litters can be found on the “Puppies” page of this website.

The price for puppies is $1800.

Please email your responses to the questions below to thekriegels@wavecable.com. Please type “2023 Litter Application” in the subject line.





Household Members (Humans and Pets, include ages):

Please indicate any preferences regarding sex or color:

Describe your past experience with beagles and/or your reasons for choosing this breed:

Describe how your beagle will spend it’s day. Do you work at home? Outside the home? Retired? How will your new beagle fit into your family life?

What are your training plans for you and your beagle? Have you identified the training center where you plan to attend puppy kindergarten classes? Are you interested in events such as agility, obedience, nosework, Jr Showmanship or 4H?

Describe your home, yard, fencing, and gates. Please include photos or video.

Please include any questions that you have about the breed, about the puppies, or about Talbot Hill.

Applications will be accepted for both show and pet puppies. Show puppies are sold with co-ownership and breeding rights.