Puppy Application

If you are new to beagles, please read these articles “For Pet Owners”.  For more information, visit “For Judges and Breeders”.

Thank you for your interest in my 2018 litter.  I will begin to accept applications at this time and you can expect a brief acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours.  I do not keep a waiting list but prefer to consider applicants when I have puppies.  Priority is given to existing Talbot Hill families and to breeders/exhibitors for show quality puppies.   Applicants will be contacted as puppies become available (late March/early April).  The 2018 litter will be ready to go to their new homes the weekend of April 14 & 15.  There is no advantage to getting the application in sooner so please take your time and provide thorough answers to the questions.  My blog will be updated regularly as the puppies grow and I will use my blog to address some of the questions that come up in the applications.  Thank you again for your interest and taking the time to apply.

The price for the puppies is $1300.  Pet puppies are sold with limited AKC registration and a spay/neuter agreement.  Show puppies are sold with co-ownership agreement and breeding rights.

To inquire about a Talbot Hill puppy, please e-mail the following information with “2018 Puppy Inquiry” in the subject line.  Any inquiries made not using this form will be ignored.

Send applications to:  talbothill@gmail.com





Household Members:  Both human and pet including ages

Puppy or puppies you are interested in:

Describe your past experience with beagles or your reasons for choosing this breed.

Describe how the beagle will spend its day.  Do you work at home or outside the home?  Are you retired and able to spend your days with your new beagle?  Will you be taking your beagle to work?  I have successfully placed beagles in a variety of situations but I want to hear how your new beagle will fit into your family life.

Do you have training plans for your beagle or plans to compete in performance events?  Have you identified a puppy kindergarten class in your area?  Are you interested in obedience or agility?  Do you have children involved in 4H or junior showmanship?

Describe your home, yard, fencing, and gates.  If possible, include photos or video of your yard and fencing.  This is perhaps one of the most crucial questions for me…knowing that the puppies will be safe and secure in their new homes.  A beagle’s nose can get it into all sorts of trouble and I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of a securely fenced yard and the need to ALWAYS walk a beagle on leash.  A beagle from one of my last litters slipped out of a gate that hadn’t been completely latched by the gardener, she ran out into the street, and was hit by a car.  The family was devastated, the children were devastated, I was devastated.  Of course, accidents do happen, but I want to know that everything possible will be done to ensure their safety.  More about Secure Fencing.

Please include any questions that you have about the breed, about the puppies, or about Talbot Hill Beagles.

Breeders/Exhibitors inquiring about show prospects:  Please summarize your experience in dogs, your experience with beagles, and discuss your plans for the puppy you inquire about. List mentors/references, include link to your web site or Facebook page and please ask any questions that you have about the puppy or the pedigree.

7 thoughts on “Puppy Application

  1. Hello my name is Eric Guise and my wife Lisa and I are interested in a female “lemon” Beagle. We currently own a beautiful 13 inch Beagle Antionette (13 years),and just lost her 14 year old yellow lab buddy “Beckham” so are looking for a buddy for her. We have a perfect fenced yard, and live in a great neighborhood for walks,etc. I will fill out application but wondering if you might have puppies?

  2. Ok- we have a tri with “tons of personality” so we want either a lemon or another Lab. I am willing to wait for the perfect dog for us- however my wife will probably want a new puppy sooner. I will keep watching your site.

    1. Perhaps I’ll have something for you in the future. 🙂 This is the only litter that I will have this year. I will likely have one, or perhaps two, in early 2018.

  3. Ok darn, do you have any other recommendations you trust for Lemons? I would rather get one from you but that’s too long to wait.

    1. It depends on what you mean by “Lemon”. Some use the term “Lemon” as an all-encompassing term to refer to all bi-color, or red & white, beagles. Red & white is a recessive color and less common than tri-color so it is harder to find. A true lemon, see this link, https://www.lemon-drops.de/hound-colours/, is quite rare.

      Some show breeders prefer to breed for tri-color, but any reputable breeder recognizes that any hound color is acceptable and there are many other traits to focus on when breeding. Color and markings are immaterial. I have a soft spot for red & whites and like to have diversity of color in my gene pool but there is no consideration given to color when I am planning a breeding.

      If I know of breeders with puppies available I post links on my links page. Most of us are overwhelmed with puppy request right now, though.

  4. Thank you so much for your time. I know I used the term lemon incorrectly, we just want one that looks more similar to our yellow lab we lost and think it’s unfair to get another tri currently as ours is truly special – not fair to compare any puppy to our Antionette! We would be open to any color combos. I will watch your site for any beagle news!

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